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Cindy and Doug: A Timeless Love Story

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

This has to be one of my favorite love stories of all time. Doug and Cindy dated in high school and always thought they would get married. Doug even gave Cindy a promise ring in hopes that they would one day "seal the deal". Scroll Down to read more ;-)

As kids often do, Doug and Cindy ended up going their separate ways. If I'm telling this story correctly, I believe it had been over 40 years since Doug and Cindy had seen one an

other or spoken to one another.

Guess what happened next? Fate stepped in! Doug just so happened to walk into the dental office where Cindy was working and I can only imagine that his heart stopped when he saw her. These two awesome humans found each other again after decades of being apart. Even though they both had grown and changed over the years, their feelings for one another had not.

Doug and Cindy even incorporated the diamond from Cindy's original promise ring into her Wedding Band Set. I honestly cannot think of anything more romantic. As we were taking photos, I remarked out loud that the couple was so natural together, especially in front of the camera. Doug just grinned and said "when you've known one another this long, it comes easy". Venue: Dogwood Canyon

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