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The Angle Wedding at Finley Farms

This past October, we celebrated the wedding of Kristen Jean Cheever and Kelsey Todd Angle at The Chapel at Finley Farms. It was a perfect day and the heavens even gave us a little bit of rain for good luck. Fun fact, all of the images you see on the bridge with the twinkle lights lit up in the background were actually taken in the rain. Who says rain can't be romantic? (thinking of that rainy kiss between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in the notebook).

Kristen and Kelsey have a long history with Finley Farms as they had their first date there and Finley is also where Kelsey proposed. The couple told me that it was important to them to have a place that they could always come back to over the years and Finley Farms holds many special memories for them.

When Kelsey proposed to Kristen at the chapel, he purposefully chose dusk and laid out a giant heart with light up letters spelling "marry me". It fills my heart with so much joy to see the lengths that Kelsey goes to to show Kristen his love. He is a true romantic in a day and age that seems to worship convenience over going the extra mile.

A few weeks later, we did a full engagement session using a rowboat on the Finley River. Kelsey had a giant floral piece made up to attach to the front of the boat and I did the entire session on the water from another kayak. It was so dreamy and romantic (not to mention a fun memory and the only photo shoot I've ever done actually "on" the water). The photos we took remind me of a painting from a historic romance novel . To me they are what a perfect day with the love of your life would look...paradise.

Kristen and Kelsey knew very early on that they had met the person they wanted to spend their lives with. When asked what their favorite things are about each other, Kelsey quickly said "her smile" and Kristen replied "his gentleness". One of their favorite memories together was a trip they took to Chicago. It was their first big trip as a couple and was an exciting time in their early relationship.

Kristen's wedding colors were Navy Blue and Light Mauve which blended together perfectly with the rustic colors in the Hawkins room where we had the reception. All of the details meshed together so well and the colors just popped! When asked what part of the day the couple was looking forward to most they both said "spending the day with one another and our loved ones". Both Kelsey and Kristen were calm, cool and collected all day and did not worry about every little thing being perfect. It was perfect because they were together.

Later in the evening, I stole K & K away for some sunset photos on the bridge and as I mentioned, we got a light rain but I actually think the photos turned out even better. The way that the bridge lights danced off of the wet pavement made for some crazy romantic images. I am over the moon to share these incredible images with you all. I hope that you can feel the love in these and take it with you throughout your day! Make sure to make it to the end of this post to see all of the vendors that participated in this one of a kind wedding.

**Update: Here is a recent review I received from Kelsey and Kristen. I am always so blessed when my couples tell me they are happy with the service I provided. I pray before every event I work that I will be able to honor and serve my clients well and that God will give me creative ideas throughout the day. I know that we live in such a busy world with so many tasks to keep track of so when clients leave me reviews, it never goes unappreciated. Thank you Kelsey and Kristen for these kind words:

"We’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Lana. She’s a wonderful, kind and warm person. She’s an incredibly skilled photographer. She pays close attention to detail and ensures she captured the desires of her customer.

Lana has captured beautiful pictures we will always treasure. If you looking for a person to trust your most valued memories with, she’s your person. She has captured moments we will treasure for a lifetime. Thank you Lana!"

A Big Thank You to All of the Vendors Who Participated:

Hair: Blush Studio(Rhonda)

Officiant: Officially Wed

Cake: Created by Finley Farms

Catering: Finley Farms

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