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Eaton Wedding At Liberty Plantation

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Bride and Groom hold hands in Front of Mansion Plantation in Fair Grove, Missouri

Liberty Plantation is a newly built Mansion that sits on 18.5 beautifully manicured acres. This property offers the sprawling grounds of a manor home, perfect for a grand and elegant wedding. Rodney and Jen's Wedding was certainly both grand and elegant among many other things (old world romance anyone? ;-) When Rodney and Jenn first met, neither one of them was looking for love. In fact, they had both recently sworn off dating. One unsuspecting night in in Temecula, CA, the match of a lifetime was made. Rodney and Jenn were out line dancing with friends and in true western fashion, they locked eyes and started talking. I like to think that in a crowded room, all they could see was each other. When they arrived that night, neither one of them knew that they were about to meet their “forever dance partner” but it quickly became obvious that this was a once in a lifetime meeting.

Both Rodney and Jenn are business owners and are accustomed to working incredibly hard. They also appreciate a slower way of life and look forward to buying land and growing their own food with their 3 adorable boys, Rodney the 3rd (5), Duane (3), Deacon (1).

Groom and His Son Share a Special Moment in the back of a vintage chevrolet truck

We started the day with a charming outdoor ceremony and PERFECT weather! The birds were singing, the breeze was blowing and the sun was shining. Jesus was at the center of the entire ceremony with the couple taking time to carefully put together a unity cross as a sign of their dedication to each other and to God. Rodney’s Grandfather who is a collector of classic cars even brought over his restored vintage Chevrolet and we were captured some dreamy photos of the couple with it in front of the Plantation.

Bride and Groom Groom's Cowboy hat touches bride's forehead in an embrace

Afterward, we moved into family photos and I loved seeing how much all of the children truly enjoy playing with one another. Our team consisted of myself, a second shooter, Kressa with Krescent Productions as Videographer and a second videographer as well. We all so enjoyed being creative together and truly never ran out of ideas.

The reception was classy and intimate with chandeliers lining the ceiling of the reception hall and the epoxy floors sparkling. The two oldest boys even ended making adorable speeches to their mom that would make any human being smile. Rodney and Jenn’s first dance was seamless as her dress flowed around like something out of a fairytale. It’s what you would expect form two people who love to dance together and also love each other

Liberty Plantation, who held this event offered the most romantic backdrops anyone could ask for. As the sun was setting over top of the Plantation, our team “oohed and aahhed” at the epic footage we were able to capture. The photos we took truly feel historical and I know will be passed down from generation to generation. I’ve gotten to know and love Rodney’s parents who own the property and am always amazed at the level of detail put into every element of this unique venue.

This was truly a momumental day for me as a wedding photographer. I’m grateful for all of the lovely people I got to meet and to have been hired to capture every moment of this special day. Congratulations Jenn and Rodney. May you be as happy every day of your life as you were on your Wedding Day.

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