About the Photographer

Hello my Friends! How lovely it is to have you here! Some of you I’ve met on my travels across the US, Canada, Japan and Europe. Others I am just meeting for the first time. 


So, what should you expect when you work with me? I am a Photographer based out of the Springfield, Missouri area and I love to travel. I am a very "hands on" photographer and enjoy taking the time to learn about my clients. Through this work, I’m given the opportunity to see the world through my client’s eyes for a few hours and to tell their story.  There is no greater gift than this and I am truly honored. 


With a decade of experience in modeling, I have studied the art of posing, lighting and story-telling. I specialize in Photography for Weddings, Portraits (Family, Engagement, etc) & Real Estate. I would love to speak with you more about your next photoshoot!

                                                            Lana Raquel