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Puerto Rico Vacation 2019

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

How I dream of our tropical days in Puerto Rico with Warm Hugs, Laughter and No Social Distancing! It doesn't seem so long ago that we were there and life was normal. I wanted to share something personal with you in this blog as opposed to my typical portrait sessions so here we go!

Dane and I got married in 2018 (8.18.18) and shortly thereafter, we boarded a plane to Puerto Rico to go on a cruise. During our cruise we met an amazing family from Puerto Rico and grew so close to them that by the end of the trip, we were having big family dinners together.

After our cruise ended, we intended to stay in PR for a few more days but really hadn't made any plans. Carlos, who you see above, offered to drive us around for one of our last days and show us the REAL Puerto Rico; I'm talking local hidden artist lofts with masterpieces right there in his home town and some of the best food (they even closed down the restaurant for us and made us an amazing local meal)! He made us feel so special and so it was only natural that a year or so later, we would return to see our dearest friend and his awesome family.

Our second trip to Puerto Rico was also the adventure of a lifetime! The reason I say that is because beyond us boarding the plane, we really had no idea where we would be staying or what we would be doing. Carlos made all of the arrangements for us. Every day was a surprise! It definitely taught me to sit back and relax instead of trying to "plan plan plan" like I usually do. I included a few pictures of myself as well but all the photos I have of me are cell phone pictures my husband took (I'm always behind the camera).

If you haven't visited magical Puerto Rico yet, I would strongly encourage it! PuertoRicans are some of the nicest people and we felt very welcomed and safe! I think at this moment in time, we could all use a vacation from quarantine. Keep your chin up my friends for this Season of our Lives will not last Forever. As long as we are kind and compassionate, we will always have each other. Sending Lots of Love to my Adopted Family in Puerto Rico, one of the most beautiful places I've visited!

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