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My Tips For Proposing at Top of the Rock

Hey LRP Readers,

Many of you have been asking me the best way to facilitate a surprise proposal at Top of the Rock and I am here to help you out! After all, we all love a thoughtfully planned surprise ;-) While many people propose at Top of the Rock, most are not aware that there are actually several unique spots to propose on property. A few of my favorites are: 1. Outdoors by the Chapel of the Ozarks

(scroll down for a gallery of photos from this spot)

*Pro Tip: The cannons will go off in this area around 8 PM. This short event will draw spectators to the area, so if you are wanting a private proposal, you may want to propose before 7:30 PM.

2. The Drive-Through Tour of Lost Canyon Cave

As you ride and relax in an electric cart, you will stop to see rock formations, waterfalls and views of Table Rock Lake. You can propose anywhere along the way that feels picturesque to you.

*Pro tip: Ask your photographer to go on the tour dressed like a tourist ;-) They can be ready with their camera and your partner will never suspect a thing! 3. In front of the Native American Statue (photo taken by Joseph Giddens of Giddens and Co Visuals)

Native american statue at Top of the Rock in Black and White at Sunset

4. On the platform overlooking the Chapel of the Ozarks:

This platform is located on your left as you are about to enter Osage restaurant. While you are walking from the TOR entrance to the Osage Restaurant, you will also see some cute stone alcoves that have beautiful views of the chapel.

5. Inside the Chapel of the Ozarks: provided there isn't a wedding inside, you can take a casual stroll into the chapel and drop to your knee at just the right time. The sunsets in the chapel are phenomenal. As you'll see later on in this post, your photographer will need to coordinate your proposal with the events manager at TOR. This is to ensure that there are no other events going on in the chapel at the same time.

6. On a Guided Nature Walk: Do you and your partner love the outdoors? What better way to spend a few hours than taking in the fresh air and breathtaking views along the Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail. Since this is typically a group activity, your photographer can be there with you the entire time until that perfect moment strikes (sometimes I feel like an undercover spy during surprise proposals. It's always such a blast)

7. During Dinner: Get all gussied up and take her out to dinner at Osage Restaurant. The views are spectacular and the staff can have the table ready and waiting with any items you bring such as fresh florals . Make sure you ask for a seat close to the floor to ceiling windows.

8. Paradise Point: There is an extra special spot that I love to visit along the drive to Top of the Rock. You will literally feel like you are driving up and around a mountain for 5-10 minutes until you finally crest the hill and see a giant sign that says "welcome to paradise". That's when you will notice the incredible 360 degree view of the lake. The sunsets here are incredible and something you won't want to miss.

Additional Things to Consider:

1. As previously mentioned, you or your photographer will need to schedule your proposal time with the events coordinator at Top of the Rock. This applies no matter where you decide to propose on property. TOR runs a very professional operation and it is incredibly important to not have two photoshoots happening at the same time (imagine if you are trying to propose in the chapel while a wedding is going on. Yikes!). There are also weeks where the resort may be booked out completely and it is so useful to know that ahead of time. There is a $150 property fee associated with all professional photoshoots at Top of the Rock and its sister property, Big Cedar Lodge. Security guards will look for your official photography pass so please do not neglect to follow through on contacting the events coordinator.

2. Try to schedule your proposal during golden hour if at all possible. Unsure of when golden hour is? No problem. When we say Golden Hour, we mean one hour before sunset. The exact time when the sun sets will be different in May than it will be in say October so make sure that you google "when does the sunset on (insert your proposal date)". Why is golden hour lighting so important? The light that is produced is soft and warm. Your eyes won't be squinty and the sun will not reflect harshly across your face illuminating sweat or creating weird shadows. Can't shoot at golden hour? No problem. Make sure that you hire an experienced photographer who knows how to look for shade, utilize off-camera flash and can shoot gorgeous portraits in all lighting conditions. Ask to see examples of images they've shot in full sun or at sunset when it's almost completely dark.

3. What do to if Top of the Rock is not available on your proposal date: Not to worry! There is always Big Cedar Lodge. Please comment below if you would like me to write another post on the best places to take photos at Big Cedar. As a sidetone, Christmas at Big Cedar is absolutely magical. Make the occasion extra romantic by proposing on the outdoor skating rink under the big Christmas tree or go on a cozy walk with hot chocolate under the sparkling twinkle lights.

4. My clients often ask me what there is to do at Top of the Rock after you've proposed.

A few of my personal recommendations are:

-Go for drinks in the super secret wine cellar that looks like it could be in a James Bond movie (finding it is half the fun. look for the stairs leading down)

-Order some appetizers or drinks in the Buffalo Bar and enjoy the view indoors or outdoors

-Have your family join you for a meal on the patio (surprise engagement party anyone?) -Cozy up by the giant fire pits -Experience the firing of the cannon by the Chapel

-Have a delicious fine dining experience dinner at Osage Restaurant I hope that have you enjoyed these tips for proposing at Top of the Rock. Below you will find a gallery that features one of my favorite proposals in front of the Chapel of the Ozarks. Ready to start planning your proposal today? Reach out to get the ball rolling. My mission is to create lasting memories that you can relive every single time you look at your Engagement Photos.

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