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Morgan and Joe: A LOVE to withstand anything

Updated: May 22, 2020

While this is one of my older shoots, I have especially enjoyed sharing it lately because I think that we all need some happy reminders during this pandemic! Statistics say that the divorce and suicide rates are going to go up but maybe if we all reach out to one another and share positivity, we can help in some way. In my opinion, we need to get back to focusing on our true nature....LOVE. That's right folks, we were created with love but sometimes we forget this simple fact. You see love is not just a feeling like many people think. Love begins as a thought and then becomes an action. Love is doing the right thing by someone even when it's hard. I used to think you either felt love or you didn't. As I've grown older, I've noticed that the more I show love and speak loving words, the more loved I feel. We attract what we are. So even on days where I don't feel like I love anyone (not even myself), I remind myself that those are just feelings (valid, yes....needing to be recognized, yes) but that the bigger truth is all around me, even when I'm closed off to it. As you look at these sweet pictures of Morgan and Joe, I want you to feel the love that they share. Joe moved to the U.S. from Australia to be with Morgan. Morgan waited over a decade to find a man like Joe and now they have a sweet baby boy. I hope and pray that these images fill your heart with hope. The future is Brighter than we think!


Lana Raquel

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