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Bridal Self-Portraits

I'm going to tell you all a little secret. The last few months have been HARD. Not just a little bit hard but tears flowing, praying on my knees, not sure what to do kind of hard. At the end of March, like many of you, I lost my job of 3 years. Some of you may not know that I am originally from Canada and my immediate family still lives there. They had planned to come visit in the spring but with the borders being shut, we were suddenly cut off from being able to hug or see one another face to face. Both mental and physical illness have been issues in our household. New medications, new diagnosis's and a whole new routine and way of life. SO. MUCH.CHANGE. That's not the end of the story however. Scroll down....

There are two incredible things that have come out of all of this that have made me incredibly grateful for all of the pain. First and foremost, I am now a Full-Time Wedding Photographer! I never had time before to give my business %100 of my energy and now I do. Over the last few weeks, I have booked 6 Weddings and many other shoots. God has provided amazingly and I couldn't be more excited!!

Secondly, as painful and scary as this time has been, goodness how I have grown! I have been challenged in ways that I would have never thought and stretched in ways that I honestly didn't know I could stretch. Being in solitude has taught me to get to know myself as well as those around me on a completely different that I didn't really like at first because it made me feel vulnerable.

So today I am going to celebrate all of the good instead of looking at the bad! Last week, my husband was kind enough to take photos of me in my Wedding dress before it gets preserved and sealed up in a box by the incredible Touch of Class (I could not believe how GREAT their deal is for preservation). Thanks to Dane Braden for your patience, good eye and of course, your love xoxo#brideandgroom

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