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how to become a senior spokesmodel

Thanks for stopping by! If you are reading this, then you are most likely either a High School Senior or a Parent, Friend or Teacher of a High School Senior. I’m so glad that you’re here because I really want to share some exciting news with you.

Starting in 2021, I am launching a BRAND NEW Senior Spokesmodel Program and I am looking for people just like YOU!

As a spokesmodel, you will receive free perks like extra images from your senior session, free stylized photoshoots, money back when you tell your friends about me, fun events with other seniors and more! Read on to learn more....

What is a Senior Spokesmodel Anyhow?

I’m so glad that you asked! Your main role as a Spokesmodel would be to tell your friends about Lana Raquel Photography. After our first shoot together, I will give you printed Spokesmodel Cards to hand out to your friends (juniors & seniors). The cards will include one photo from our shoot together, your name and my studio info! I’ll also be sending over some photos from our session for you to post on social media. The girls who are accepted into this program will represent Lana Raquel Photography for the 2021/2022 school year.

How Many Girls Are Accepted?

There are only 5 spots left which means that not everyone who applies will be accepted.

What Are the Requirements?

-Be respectful to other girls on the Spokesmodel Team

-Be reliable and follow through on agreed to spokesmodel duties, photoshoots and events

-Have a positive attitude about Lana Raquel Photography

-Have a Social Media Account that you use regularily

-Have parental permission to participate in the spokesmodel program

-Attend School within 50 miles of Branson, MO

What Does it Cost?

“The Cost of ONE Senior Session but TEN times the Value!”. My mid-range senior package costs $500 but for this year only, you can be a member of the squad for just $250.

I’m Interested. Tell Me More About the Perks:

1. Earn money back through referrals: If you refer someone to me and they purchase a Senior Photography Package, you will receive a %10 cut, plain and simple.

2. Fun Group Events: Outdoor movie screening, Secret Santa PJ Party, etc

3. One Stylized Photoshoot: This is a free, themed shoot that includes solo photos of you as well as group shots of the squad

4. Two Solo Senior Photoshoots: One Formal/One Casual

5. Extra Images: You will receive the normal amount of images from your Senior Photoshoot PLUS 10-20 extras

5. Street Cred: You were one of the few to be accepted to this awesome team of girls! This is a great way to network with other students and to meet seniors from other schools. Not to mention, you can try out those modeling skills you’ve been working on ;-)

What’s Next?

Now you get to fill out an application! I want to hear all about what makes you YOU and why you are interested in being a Lana Raquel Senior Spokesmodel! Apply Below before all of my spots are gone:

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