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Golden Hour Family Photos in The Ozarks

It's not every day that I get to take photos of my own relatives or that we get such magical lighting and so many gorgeous flowers!! My creative mind can't handle all of the beauty. Family photoshoots in Branson are simply breathtaking. Shawna (pictured far left on the first photo) is my mother-in-law's sister but lets be honest, she doesn't look a day older than her kids. This little family never fails to make us all laugh and always has an awesome sarcastic joke to tell. No party is complete without them. Then there's the littlest..Greyson who won't accept any kisses unless they are lip kisses and will pull your face toward him if you turn your cheek. He is ADORABLE and has brought so much light and joy into our lives. My photography style tends to be a mix between organic and posed. I like to work with each family on basic posing and then allow the natural moment to unfold. Sometimes I'll tell a joke or bounce a stuffed animal over my head. I Always ALWAYS know my locations well before I shoot. I know where the sun is going to be and what it is going to look like at what time. Every spot is different. The spot where I do fall minis is often dark by 6 (it's in a valley) while this spot is still glowing at 7. Some tip for working with Kiddos: have their parents bring their favorite snacks and a toy. Snacks work for a great reward and toys allow us to get the child's attention directed toward the camera. When working with little ones, be patient. Try to get your complicated shots out of the way first in case a melt down comes as the child gets tired or bored. Candid shots are a big blessing. Bring a zoom lens to snap some cute shots while the kids are playing. They won't even know you're there ;-)

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