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Cheryl + Ryan= Mother/Son Senior Session

Updated: May 22, 2020

Some days feels like they were just designed for laughter and warm sunshine! These are great days for a mother/son senior session. I swear almost every time I see this woman, she is laughing and finding something to be joyful about. You know those people who just inspire you to be greater, bigger and better? Yup, she's one of them. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree either!

I was asked to photograph Cheryl and her Son Ryan for his Senior photos. Would you guess that Ryan was only 18 when we took these? He has such maturity and intelligence for his age and it definitley shows in his confidence. I could not imagine flying a plane at the age of 18 but there he was, calm and collected; cool as a cucumber!

We left the house at 6 AM and drove to Harrison, AR to catch the images you see with Ryan's plane. It was one of those magical mornings where everything just seems to go right, the lighting, the timing and the energy. We were so Blessed!

Side note** look for the moon hidden in the background of some of these shots. We were truly up THAT early! The moon was still shining!

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