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Mandy & Justin WImer Wedding

Venue: Dooley's Chapel by the Lake in Branson, MO

Location: Tablerock Lake

Help and Decoration Provided by: Wendie Dooley and Family

So many Happy Tears at Mandy and Justin's Wedding last month! I could not believe the miracle that we all witnessed. As I was driving to Dooley's Chapel, it started to rain. The rain turned into a light snow and by the time I arrived, there were big puffy flakes falling from the sky. Later I was told that the Groom was missing his Grandmother dearly and had prayed for snow at his Wedding. We were all so touched as the Bride and Groom said their vows with falling snow in the background. Never have I ever seen such a beautiful sight. As fast as the snow came in, it stopped falling as soon as we completed pictures.

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