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Jasmine & Angel: baseball portraits

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Before this session, I had never met Jasmine or her Husband but I felt an instant connection with them right away! Jasmine told me of her husband's deep love for baseball and we decided to shoot our photos at the diamond over at Stockstill Park (here in Branson).

Husband and Wife Embrace at Baseball Diamond

Despite not really speaking the same language we were able to communicate just fine using smiles and images Jasmine had saved on her phone.

Husband and Wife Portrait on Baseball Bleachers

You can really see the love that these two share in their eyes and their playfulness in general.

Baseball with Wedding Date

After our session, Jasmine informed me that they are originally from Puerto Rico, a place that holds so much love for me and my husband. Meeting these two felt like a little piece of home to me. As the sun set and we finished our photos, I couldn't help but smile.

Baseball Photoshoot of Husband and Wife
Baby Boy Baseball Gear
Couple Celebrates Anniversary with Baseballs
Couple celebrates anniversary date with baseballs
Couple Photoshoot on Baseball Bleachers

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