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Avilla & Amber: Free Spirits in a "not so free" world

Have you ever wondered what the happiest couples do with their time and energy? I don't know about you but I'm always seeking for ways to better myself as well as my relationships. I like to observe happy people doing their if maybe some of their magic will rub off on me. The first thing I noticed about Avilla and Amber is that both of them always seem to be present, no matter what they are doing. What I mean by that is they are engaged in the art of living life and not tuned out all the time. Whatever they do, they give it their full attention.

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Interracial Couple Laughing

Something I've always respected is the way that Amber talks about Avilla. She is always talking about how amazing it is to be with him and how lucky she is. Lets be real, how many of us start to take one another for granted after awhile? Think about this for a second. How do you actually talk about your partner to other people? How you talk about them will be how you feel about them as well (words turn into feelings). If you are complaining about your partner to other people, chances are you've already reached the "taking them for granted stage". Never fear for you can easily change that if you put in a little effort!

Couple Smiles with their Dog

Which brings me to my third point, Avilla and Amber are both very empathetic, sentimental people but they also don't take life too seriously. They know how to have fun together! Instead of focusing on what you don't want (aka dirty laundry being tossed on the floor or worst case scenarios about your relationship) shift your focus to what you do want! So many of us spend the majority of our time focused on problems and how we wish things could be different. In the end, this only causes both you and your spouse more unhappiness. Try thinking about the kind of relationship you want to have. Dream about the places you would like to go together and the memories you could make. Imagine the life you would like to have and then go after it!

Close-Up Black and White Portrait of Couple

You've probably guessed by now the point that I'm driving home. Your thoughts become your feelings which turn into your words and then into your actions. You absolutely CAN change the way you feel by asking yourself "what stories am I telling myself inside of my mind?" and then inserting truth into the story! The reason I know this is because I have done it. I have turned blaming and bitterness into love and respect many times and if I can do it, I believe that you can too!

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